A cappella solo album by Taylor Faaiu featuring 21 powerful scripture songs guaranteed to lift you up from the darkness of this world to sit with Christ in heavenly places. A powerful way to memorize scripture word for word. Perfect for the whole family.

1.Be of Good Cheer (Jn.16:33)
2.Why Are Thou Cast Down? (Ps.42:11)
3.For God Who Commanded the Light (2Cor.4:6-9
4.He Has Shown Thee (Mic.6:8)
5.He Is My God (Exo.15:1-5, 2Cor.10:3-5)
6.Be Strong (Josh.1:9)
7.I Beseech Ye Therefore Brethren (Rom.12:1-2)
8.A Merry Heart (Prov.17:22, 16:24)
9.The Lord Thy God in the Midst of Thee (Zep.3:17)
10. Behold the Tabernacle (Rev.21:3-4)
11. Create in Me a Clean Heart (Ps.51:10-12
12. Ye Are Dead (Col.3:1-3)
13. Unto Thee O Lord (Ps.25:1-4, 7
14. Seek Ye First (Mat.6:33, 7:7, 4:4)
15. They that Wait Upon the Lord (Isa.40:31)
16. Think on These Things (Phi.4:8)
17. The Law of the Lord (Ps.19:7-14)
18. One Thing Have I Desired (Ps.27:4)
19. Then Said I (Jer.1:6-9)
20. And This Gospel (Mat.25:14, Rev.14:6)
21. Behold What Manner of Love (1Jn.3:1)